How to judge the quality of LED street lamps?

With the vigorous promotion of LED lighting by the country, LED lighting products grow rapidly and become popular. As LED products are emerging products in the lighting industry, it is very important to help the majority of users correctly understand and judge the quality of LED street lamps. The following are some simple methods to judge the quality of LED street lamps.

The street lamp is divided into three parts embedded in the lamp pole and lamp cap.


Embedded parts
The embedded part of the street lamp belongs to the base of the street lamp. The first step is to do the embedded part well.

Light pole
The pole of a street lamp
1, cement street lamp pole
In 10 years ago, cement street lamp pole is very common, cement street lamp pole is mainly attached to the city power tower, itself is too heavy, transportation cost is large and the foundation is unstable, it is easy to happen accidents, now basically eliminated this kind of road lamp pole.
2. Iron street lamp pole
Iron street lamp pole is made of high quality Q235 steel rolling, external plastic sprayed anti-corrosion hot dip galvanized, very hard, which is also the most common street lamp market is also the most used street lamp pole.
3, glass fiber street lamp pole
Glass fiber reinforced plastic lamp pole belongs to inorganic non-metallic materials, excellent performance, variety, it heat resistance, insulation, corrosion resistance is very good, but poor wear resistance is brittle, so the market is not widely used.
4, aluminum alloy street lamp pole
Aluminum alloy street lamp pole is made of high strength aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy has high strength, super corrosion resistance, and is very beautiful, and the surface is more grade. In addition, aluminum alloy is easier to process than pure aluminum, with high durability, wide application range and good decorative effect. In the street lamp pole industry has been widely used, sold at home and abroad.
5, stainless steel street lamp pole
Stainless steel lamp pole in steel belongs to the best, next to titanium alloy, it has the performance of chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion. Regular manufacturers generally use hot dip galvanized light pole surface treatment, hot dip galvanized light pole life can be as long as 15 years, which is far from cold galvanized.
The quality of street lamp pole material directly determines the service life of street lamp pole. So in the choice of street lamp pole, we must pay attention to the choice of material is appropriate, we must choose regular manufacturers, such products will make people rest assured.

Lamp holder
The main use of the lamp is LED
1, LED lamp is usually made of aluminum radiator, radiator and air contact area is larger, the better, this is conducive to heat dissipation, stable lamp work, light failure small long life; Bulb AND SMALLPOX SHOOT LAMP DO NOT HAVE TOO BIG AIR HOLE, LEST IN THE PROCESS OF USING MOSQUITO TO CLIMB IN, AFFECT LIGHTING EFFECT OR CAUSE UNNECESSARY damage.
2, in the open LED light, power and light has a few tenths of a second to two seconds between the time difference, is a normal phenomenon, usually the lamp is driven by a constant current source with IC integrated circuit, its steady current voltage performance is relatively good, stable work.
3, when the lamp body heat is not too high or uneven, if there is such a phenomenon, that the design or production process of the lamp has problems, light failure is easy to damage.
4. Due to the high brightness of LED lights, it is difficult to judge the brightness of two kinds of lights of the same type under the same conditions by looking directly at them. At the same time, it is easy to damage the eye vision. Usually, we recommend to cover the light source with a piece of white paper, and then compare the light attenuation through the white paper. In this way, it is easier to see the brightness difference of the light. The higher the brightness, the better. In addition, the color temperature is close to the color of the sun for the best.
5. If time permits, the brightness of two lamps with the same specifications can be compared first, and then one of them can be lit continuously for a week, and then the brightness of the lamp compared before can be compared. If there is no obvious dimming, it means that this light has a small decline and the quality of the pearl light source is better.

LED street lamp as an important lighting facilities for urban development, its quality is the most important concern of major projects. LED street lamp market price now is multifarious, however, quality is uneven, a lot of reason is that in the Chinese market, manufacturers of patent consciousness is not strong, lack of innovative, industry price war factory unceasingly in the aspects such as material, process cost reduction, this brought significant impact to the quality of the LED street light, often see it dark street lamp use after a period of time.
The way to replace LED street lamps is very complicated. This is because there are many parts inside LED street lamps. In addition to the light source (chip), the damage of other parts will lead to the chip not shining. For LED street lamps, such outdoor high devices, it is difficult to install and more difficult to maintain. For street lamp managers, unstable product quality makes maintenance costs rise.


LED street lamps are common "tricks" :
1. Configure the virtual standard
LED street lights hot also accompanied by a decrease in price profit, fierce competition also led to many businesses began to jerky-jerking false standard product parameters, this is also the customer repeated comparison of prices, low prices, but also related to the practice of some manufacturers.
2. Fake chips
The core of LED lamps is the chip, which directly determines the performance of lamps! However, some bad merchants take advantage of customers' unprofessionalism and consider the cost by using low-price chips, so that customers can buy low-quality products with high unit price, causing direct economic losses and serious quality risks to LED lamps and lanterns.
3. Copper wire passes for gold wire
Many LED manufacturers are trying to develop copper alloys, gold-coated silver alloy wires, and silver alloy wires to replace the expensive gold wire. Although these alternatives are superior to gold wire in some properties, they are much less chemically stable. For example, silver wire and gold-clad silver alloy wire are susceptible to sulfur/chlorine/bromination corrosion, and copper wire is susceptible to oxidation and sulfurization. These alternatives make the bonding wire more susceptible to chemical corrosion, reduce the reliability of the light source, and make the LED beads more likely to break over time.
4. The design of the light distribution system of the street lamp is unreasonable
In terms of optical design, if the design of the light distribution system of the street lamp is not reasonable, the lighting effect is not ideal. In the test, there will be "light under the light", "black under the light", "zebra crossing", "uneven illumination", "yellow circle" and other problems.
5. Poor heat dissipation design
In terms of heat dissipation design, the lifetime of the semiconductor device will decrease by a factor of 10 degrees when the PN junction temperature of the LED chip increases. Due to the high brightness requirements of LED street lamps, the use of harsh environment, if the heat dissipation is not solved, it will quickly lead to LED aging, stability reduction.
6. The power supply is faulty
Driving power supply, if there is a failure of the power supply, the test and inspection process, there will be "the whole light out", "part of the damage", "individual LED lamp bead dead light", "the whole light flashing virtual bright" phenomenon.
7. A security fault occurs
Safety issues also deserve serious attention: street lamp power supply without leakage protection; The quality of street ballast is substandard; The sensitivity of the circuit breaker is not tested, and the rated tripping current is too large. The technology of using the metal skin of cable as the main PE line is complicated and the reliability is low. The waterproof and dustproof grade of IP is too low.
8. There are harmful substances to the light source
LED source blackening is often encountered by major LED companies. Most of the materials in lamps and lanterns need to be affected by the life of the light source material investigation.
The above problems have a great impact on the performance of LED street lamps, and even lead to the early failure of LED street lamps.
Finally, with the rise of e-commerce, products are uneven, many have no production license, no qualification, so we must choose some large manufacturers when choosing, safe and reliable.

Post time: Jul-16-2022