Who is in control of the switch of the street lamp? Years of doubt are finally clear

There are always some things in life to accompany us for a long time, they naturally ignore their existence, until it is lost to realize its importance, such as electricity, such as today we are going to say street light

A lot of people wonder, where is the street light switch in the city? Who controls it, and how?
Let's talk about it today.
The switch of street lamps used to rely mainly on manual work.
It is not only time-consuming and exhausting, but also easy to cause different lighting time in various regions. Some lights are on before dark, and some lights are not off after dawn.
This can also be a problem if the lights are left on and off at the wrong time: too much electricity is wasted if the lights are left on for too long. Turn on the light time is short, will affect the traffic safety.


Later, many cities formulated the working schedule of street lamps according to the length of day and night in the local four seasons. By using mechanical timing, the task of switching street lamps on and off was assigned to timers, so that street lamps in the city could work and rest reasonably on time.
But the clock can't change the time according to the weather. After all, there are always a few times a year when clouds overhang the city and darkness comes early.
To cope, some roads have been fitted with smart street lights.
It is a combination of time control and light control. The opening and closing time of the day are adjusted according to the season and time of day. At the same time, temporary adjustments can be made for special weather such as fog, heavy rain, and overcast to meet the demands of citizens.
In the past, the street lights on some sections of road were light during the day, and the management department would not find them unless the staff inspected them or the citizens reported them. Now the work of each street lamp is clear at a glance in the monitoring center.
In case of line failure, cable theft and other emergencies, the system will automatically prompt according to the voltage mutation, the corresponding data will also be timely sent to the monitoring center, the staff on duty can judge the fault according to these information.

With the rise of the concept of smart city, the existing smart street lamps have been able to realize the following functions: intelligent switch, intelligent parking, garbage can detection, tube-well detection, environmental detection, traffic data collection, etc., which provides decision-making basis for urban traffic policy making.
Some even in their own damage will take the initiative to call workers repair, do not need workers to patrol the streets every day.
With the spread of cloud computing and 5G, street lighting will no longer be an isolated domain, but a part of the infrastructure of networked cities. Our lives will become more and more convenient and intelligent, just like street lamps.

Post time: Oct-12-2022